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Mekong Keilor East Vietnamese Aged Care is a 65 bed facility that sits among residential properties to the West of Central Melbourne . Initially designed with a Vietnamese village feel of a cluster of houses, the facility was expanded in 2010 to double its previous capacity. Now features a two storey aged care relevant building. Being the first Vietnamese specific aged care facility in Australia many of our residents came from the surrounding suburbs & beyond.

The facility features are similar to those at Mekong Cairnlea Vietnamese Aged with single suites for residents however, there are two rooms at Keilor East that are shared, ideal for a husband & wife who need care. Some of our rooms have a shared en suites. We also have some traditional Vietnamese gardens around the facility including for spiritual contemplation.

Keilor East Vietnamese Aged Care offers a full range of residential Care Services

Address: 8 Trott Place, Keilor East VIC 3033
Ph: (03) 9331 5366
Fax: (03) 9331 5565

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