The Indochinese Elderly Refugees Association Victoria (IERA-VIC) is a not for profit and statewide organization. It was formed in March 1981 and became incorporated under Association Incorporation Act 1981, in June 1987. The IERA-VIC focuses on assisting the Indochinese elderly persons in their resettlement process and helps to preserve and promote the members’ cultural heritage. Particularly, through services and activities, it aims to:
• Provide general information, practical aid, referral, counseling to assist the settlement and integration of the Indochinese elderly persons;
• Maintain and develop the cultural heritage and traditions of its members;
• Advocate and represent its members in political arena, health, education, and social welfare issues at state and local government levels;
• Develop community education programs in relation to the needs of the Indochinese elderly community;
• Foster and maintain a sense of friendship and solidarity and a spirit of co-operation among Indochinese elderly community and people of other ethnic backgrounds currently living in Australia; and
• Create opportunities for all Indochinese elderly persons in Victoria to have equal access to support activities and services.

IERA-VIC Branches
Members of the Indochinese Elderly Refugees Association Vic. often join in activities in one of the six following branches:

St. Albans Branch
Keilor Down Community Centre
90 Taylor Road, Keilor Down 3038
Monday – from 10.00 – 14.30
Branch Leader: Ms. Xuyen Thi Cao
Tel: (03) 9364 2981

Preston Branch
59A Roseberry Ave., Preston 3072
Friday – From 11.00AM – 13.00
Branch Leader: Ms.Hanh Le
Tel: 9471 2816

Kensington Branch
94 Ormond St., Kensington 3031
Wednesday – From 10.00AM – 13.00
Branch Leader: Ms. Truong Thu Nguyen U
Tel: 9311 7960

Collingwood Branch
241 Wellington St., Collingwood 3066
1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
From: 11.00 – 13.00
Branch Leader: Ms. Toan Thi Huynh
Tel: (03) 9312 0825

Footscray Branch
45 Pickett St., Footscray 3011
Thursday – From: 10.30 – 12.30
Branch Leader: Ms. Le Thi Bui
Tel: 9317 7841

Richmond Branch
106 Elizabeth St., Richmond 3121
Tuesday: From10.00 – 13.00
Branch Leader: Ms. En Thi Truong
Tel: 0425 795 749