Residential Care

Residential Care

Residential Care provides accommodation, support and personal care for people who can no longer live safely at home.

Elderly can live independently in low level (hostel) care, but get help with meals and laundry, and personal care like dressing and bathing. High-level care (usually in nursing home) includes ongoing nursing care, as well as meals, laundry, cleaning and personal care. A nursing home provides care to people who can’t be cared for at home or in the community. For people who can’t take care of themselves due to physical, emotional, or mental problems, nursing homes can provide a wide range of personal care (like help with feeding or dressing) and health services.

If you need to move into an aged care home, there are our full guidelines (download our full guilines here) and five steps (download the 5 step booklet here) to follow. They are:
1. Assessing your eligibility
2. Finding a home
3. Working out the cost
4. Applying, and
5. Moving and settling in.

The five step booklet is to help you, your family, carers or friends to understand:
What residential aged care is and how to find out whether you are eligible to receive it;
How to apply for a place in a residential aged care home, and the type of information required to do this; and
What to expect once you have accepted a place and moved into a residential aged care home.

If you need more help to understand the information, call (free unless from a mobile phone) the My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 for help.

Nursing Homes provide accommodation and support for older people who are highly dependent – through physical, medical and/or psychological impairment – and require daily assistance with personal care tasks and on-going nursing care.

Nursing home is suitable for people who require nursing care as well as assistance with meals, laundry cleaning and personal care. Entry to a nursing home facility depends on an assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Teams – ACAT.

IERA-VIC is currently operating two aged care facilit, Mekong Keilor East Vietnamese Aged Care and Mekong Cairnlea Vietnamese Aged Care, to provide nursing care for Indochinese older people who require high-level care.

The expansion is to accommodate the growing low- and high-level care needs of the Indochinese older community. Overall the proposed extensions will increase the number of aged care beds to 125 beds. Additional staff are anticipated as a result of the proposed expansion.