Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

IERA’s Vision is to:

“To be First Choice for the Vietnamese Community for Aged Care Services in Victoria”


IERA’s Mission is to:

  • Promote the Vietnamese lifestyle, culture and traditions
  • Provide a total family service
  • Deliver the highest quality care tailed to individual needs
  • Manage funds sustainable to invest in aged care services in the future
  • Be a leading advocate for the Vietnamese community for Aged Care Services
  • Ensure our staff are proud and passionate


IERA’s Values are:

  • Compassion – “We understand the Vietnamese way of life, culture and wellbeing”
  • Respect – “We acknowledge differences and remain thoughtful in all that we do”
  • Excellence – “We are committed to providing the highest quality care and services”
  • Integrity – “We strive to always act with honesty”
  • Team Work – “We work together to achieve desired outcomes”
  • Accountability – “We are responsible for our actions”


The key strategic priorities identified for a 2014 to 2017 Strategic Plan were:

  1. Broader portfolio of aged care services to include:
  2. Successful completion and operation of BVAC by 2016
    • Home care packages
    • Day center services
  3. Establish a Community Liaison Officer position to advocate for and build stakeholder relationships to enhance the IERA brand and value proposition
  4. Increased strategic financial planning and associated reporting systems to better equip IERA Board to monitor and forecast.