Age care & Nursing

Residential Care

Residential Care provides accommodation, support and personal care for people who can no longer live safely at home. Elderly can live independently in low level (hostel) care, but get help with meals and laundry, and personal care like dressing and bathing. High level care (usually in nursing home) includes ongoing nursing care, as well as meals, laundry, cleaning and personal care.
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Planned Activity Group

The major goal of the PAG is to support an individual’s ability to live at home and in the community by providing a planned program of activities. The program also offers the opportunity for social interaction as well as respite and support for carers.


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HACC Service

Home And Community Care Service

The Home and Community Care (HACC) Program provides services which support frails older people and younger people with a disability and the carers. HACC enables people to remain independent and living in their own home.


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Sub Branch Activities

Sub-Branches Activities

We are having in total of 6 sub-branches accross Western suburb. There are:
St. Albans


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Welcome to IERA

Indochinese Elderly Refugees Association
Welcome to the Indochinese Elderly Refugee Association:
Our purpose is:
– To promote friendship, mutual support and emotionally as well as physically among elderly refugee association members
– To demonstrate to the country which gives help to refugees, the association will encourage its members & their children to actively contribute to the society to cooperate with Australian citizens to promote prosperity to this country
– To continue support and develop the Government’s multicultural policy with efforts of promoting the original culture to enrich the Australian culture